Festival History


The First Festival

The first Bollington Festival, led by Dr John Coope, was held in 1964. Events included a “Dance to the two Beat Groups” in the marquee (tickets 4 shillings), a bowls tournament and a horticultural show.

Here’s Tim Boddington’s YouTube video of Eric Wainwright’s film of the 1964 Festival:


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The Bollington Festival Internet Novel

The 2005 Festival saw an innovative internet-based literature project – The Bollington Festival Internet Novel. Each chapter of this so-called novel was written by a different author, involving 18 authors in all. Each author had a day to compose their chapter, taking as their starting point the previous chapter (and the narrative strands of its predecessors) when it was published on the Bollington Festival website at around 6pm the previous day. This publishing relay took place during the course of the Bollington Festival 13-30 May 2005. It can and should all be blamed on the indomitable organiser, José Spinks. It’s a rip-roaring read and has been digitally remastered. Click on the button below to download a copy.


Bollington Festival The first 50 years

Thanks to the Bollington Festival Photography Group you can relive the 2014 Festival here:

Here’s the 2014 parade on YouTube courtesy of Views of Cheshire:


Railway themed to mark the fact it is the 150th anniversary of the opening of what was Bollington train station.